How to Create Mobile Applications for Android and iPhone with MobAppCreator – Introduction to Screens

What are Screens?

Screens are a central feature of your app. Think of screens as the elements of your app that your users will see and interact with.

Finding the correct Screens and and using them correctly is key for a successful app that can be approved by the app stores.

Your app must provide a service for your audience and Screens are a big part of that.

Screens can be added to your app navigation tree by clicking on the (+) sign next to 🏠 Main navigation

When you click on the (+) button to add a new Screen, you will be directed to the Screen Library

Screens are divided into groups for easy access.

1. The first group of screens is the Content group.

These screens are probably the most important Screens for your app since they are the main source of information provided within your app. They will provide the content that your users will see. Content can be news articles, photos, videos, company information, maps for geolocating your company locations, events, and much more.

You can find more in-depth information about each Content Screen:

  • Events
  • Maps
  • News & RSS
  • People

2. Next is the Forms section.

Forms Screens are amazing for collecting data from your audience. Forms are very flexible tools that can record responses and save them in your database.

You can create multiple types of forms like suggestion forms, reservations, subscription forms, and much more.

3. Ecommerce Screen

When apps provide products or services to consumers, E-commerce is a powerful tool that will allow you to showcase and sell your products to your customers.

A great shopping experience is key to increasing your sales. Mobile commerce is a great tool to consider when adding digital channels to your sales force.

Your customer will be able to add your products or services to their shopping cart and when ready they will finalise the purchase. This in turn will create a new order on your dashboard.

We will dive deeper into e-commerce in a separate article.

4. Social Screens

Starting with our chat wall, social features are an important part of your app experience. They provide a connection to your existing social networks on in the case of Chat it allows your users to directly interact within your app.

5. Media Screens

Media content is almost always present in the Mobile App experience. From sharing a welcome video with your users to upload your podcasts or streaming live, Media is one of the most popular content available on apps. MobAppCreator provides a large library of media types to add to your app.

We will dive deeper into each media Screen:

  • Multi Radio
  • Photo Gallery
  • Playlists
  • Podcasts
  • Radio Streaming
  • Video Streaming
  • Youtube integration

6. Action Screens

Actions are ways that your app interact with other systems or component of your device. You can embed a click-to-call from any section of your app to allow your users to contact you. The same goes for a Text Message, Email, WhatsApp, and much more.

External connections also allows you to extend the realm of your app to external web pages or your company systems .

Important: A good balance between internal content and external web connection is very important. As a general rule, your app should not have more than two or three external sites. Having too many external sites within your app will likely cause a rejection of your app on the Apple store since your app will not provide an experience different from a website. Please contact our support if you need help using the web connect screen.

7. Finally there are additional screens under the category Others that will help you add additional customization and functions to your app.

We will explore these screens in a separate article:

  • Screen Builder
  • Setmore Appointments
  • SubMenu
  • Tabs
  • Setting