How to update my MobAppCreator application

Updating your app might be a challenging process. and MobAppCreator has resolved this with a “Always-up-to-date” technology that syncs any changes you make inside your app in real time with no need to upload a new version of your app to the stores.

This cuts down on app testing and update costs and time.

Once your app has been approved by the store any changes you make to your app will be reflected on all your installation in real time.

What does this means?

This means that you add new articles, edit content, add new features, change your app colours, change your app menu style fonts images, all in real time.

The only 2 elements of your app that will require a new version to be uploaded into the stores is the App launch icon and your app name. Any other change is applied to all your installed apps the moment you click save on your app.