How to create a Mobile App for Android and iPhone with MobAppCreator / First Steps

Welcome To MobAppCreator!

Hey there and welcome to MobAppCreator, the world’s leading app development platform powering over 3,000 mobile apps for thousands of small businesses and large companies.

To help you get started, we’ve created some articles that will take you through the fundamentals of everything you need to know. These articles go through everything from how to build your app, to how to publish it, to how to keep your audience engaged once it’s live.

If you go through all of the articles in this series we guarantee by the end of it, you’ll be a pro!

So, What is MobAppCreator?

What sets MobAppCreator apart from the competition is our robust yet easy-to-use app building platform that allows you to build a polished mobile app in a matter of minutes, yet still have the ability to build powerful apps.

Whether your app is simple or complex, with MobAppCreator’s platform you can grow and scale your app quickly and easily no matter what your needs are. Think of it this way: we’ve built our platform to cover the majority of the features your app already needs from day one.

For example, you’ll need features such as Push Notifications, User Login, Media-Centric Features, and cross platform support for both iOS and Android. These are all fundamental features that are already built into the system.

Now… let’s jump in and explore the MobAppCreator platform. First, we’ll talk about the App Dashboard because it’s primarily what you’ll use when you’re building and managing your app.

What is the App Dashboard?

The App Dashboard is where you’ll manage all of your app’s content and features.

The first thing we hope you notice is how easy it is to use. There are three main components of the App Dashboard:

The Side Menu is what you’ll see on the left hand side and is primarily how you access the system’s core features.

The Main Navigation is what you’ll see next to the side menu and is where the Screens and functions of your app are located. This section will give you access to the screen library of our platform

The Emulator is what you’ll see on the right hand side. This will let you preview what your app will look like as you make changes to its content and design.

When you first created an account, you either started with a blank app template or had our awesome Pro Services team design and construct your app for you.

If you’re building the app yourself, the templates should provide you with a great starting point so that you can simply swap it out with your content and you’re app will be ready to launch. If you started with a blank app, don’t worry you’re more daring than others!

The template is simply a starting point for your app. If at any time you need to create a new app, simply go to the My Applications section at the top of the App Dashboard and click “Create New App”.

If you’d like our Pro Services team to either design your app or build completely custom features for it, click here to get in touch with them.

Screen Features vs. Platform Features

As we go through these lessons you’ll see references to two different types of features. Screens Features and Platform Features.

Screen Features

Screen Features are features within the App Dashboard that are typically added to your app and can be accessed using the app’s main navigation menu, such as:

  • Content Screens
  • Social Media Screens
  • Form Builder Screens
  • Media streaming Screens
  • And much more…

Platform features that are built into the system as a whole, such as:

  • Design Components
  • Orders Management
  • Push Notifications
  • User Management
  • Statistics
  • And much more…

Note: Some advanced core features may require you to be on a specific subscription plan for you to use them.

Existing Screens instances can be accessed and edited by either clicking on the (+) button on the app Navigation Screen.

This will open the expense list of Screen features available within the app.

Next, we’ll go over how you can preview your app on your phone while you’re working on it.

How to Preview Your App

Previewing your app through our dashboard is pretty awesome and it’s really convenient when you can make changes in the App Dashboard and see those changes update in real time in the emulator. However, it’s not quite the same experience as checking out your app on the device it’s meant for — your phone!

This is why we’ve provided a way to preview your app on your phone which you can install from the App Stores

This will ask you to enter your email address and app code. The app code is found in the “My Applications” section.

Now that you know what MobAppCreator is, what the App Dashboard is, what the differences between Screens and Platform features are, and how to preview your app, in the next lesson we’ll explore the common system components that will help streamline your app building experience.